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Phende Shedrub Ling is a Tibetan Buddhist Center located in Phoenix, AZ. It is a non-profit religious organization offering classes in Buddhist teachings, meditation and Tibetan language for people of all levels.

We also hold regular chanting, sutra recitation and deity visualization to gain wisdom, merits and determination in our practice. We are dedicated to locally assisting underprivileged people as well as bringing education and healthcare to the Tibetan refugee community in India.

Saka Dawa Celebration
with Geshe Jampa
Tuesday May 29, 6:45pm - 8:15pm

Saka Dawa is the celebration of the special occasions of the Birth, the Enlightenment and the Passed away (Parinirvana) of Buddha Shakyamuni.  In the Tibetan tradition, we observe the whole month as Saka Dawa.  People do lots of spiritual things such as giving food and clothes to homeless people and people in old age homes.  They save the life of animals and fishes.  They also recite lots of Sutra and prayers in this month.

To mark the celebration, we will recite the Praise to Buddha, Heart Sutra reading and chanting Mantras and prayers.   The center will serve a Chai Tea and traditional sweet rice after the ceremony.   All are welcome. Please invite your family and friends.

6:45pm -7:45pm      Recite a Praise to Buddha, chanting and prayers

7:45pm                       Chai Tea and Sweet rice

All are welcome.

 The meditations will take place on Tuesdays from 7pm-8:00 pm.  They will be held at  Hidden Village 1901 E Osborn Rd  Apt #113  Phoenix, AZ 85016.  The apartment number is 113.

Parking Information
There are many covered parking spots outside of the complex to the left side of the main gate.  Feel free to park in any of those spaces.  As you approach the main gate, turn left and park in any of those spots.  To get to Geshe's apartment from there, walk all the way to the end of the covered parking area and enter through the last pedestrian gate.  Turn right and Geshe’s apt (# 113) is located on the ground floor of the first building.

There are also visitor spots within the complex. You may park in any space that doesn't have a number.   In order to enter the gate, you'll need the gate code. So please call the center number: (602) 394-1416   (*please note that this is a new number) and we'll give it to you.  After entering the main gate, follow the road around to the pool.  Follow the side walk to the right of the pool and continue until you reach a fork in the side walk.  Take the left path and continue to the end of the building where you will find the apt # 113. 

Thank you.     

website: www.phendeshedrubling.org
Email: center@phendeshedrubling.org
(602) 394-1416   (*please note that this is a new number)

A Message from Geshe Jampa

Tashi Delek Dear Dharma friends, Since the beginning of 2014, with the sincere motivation to help others to achieve happiness, peace and prosperity in their lives, we have worked tirelessly on paper work  for many months to become registered as a non-profit corporation with the Arizona Corporation Commission, and filing our 501(c)(3) application with the IRS. We would like to share the good news that our center - Phende Shedrub Ling Buddhist Center received an approved letter of non-profit corporation from ACC in May and received a determination letter from the IRS office granting a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status just recently, in Nov 2014. We are planning to begin immediately with Dharma teachings and group meditation, and hoping to begin very soon the other events and projects mentioned  in the our program category on website. We will email you with information and locations for upcoming events. Please feel free to share this information with others who are interested or subscribe them to our email list. As we are a new non-profit organization, there are many things we need such as sound system, cushions etc..   Therefore, we humbly request you to kindly make a donation to help us grow. There is a PayPal donation button in our website. In the future, in order to best serve people we'd like to have a more stable location place and eventually we would like to lease or purchase a house for our center. Your donation toward this goal is greatly appreciated.  Please visit our “in progress” center's website. We will update soon. The center website: www.phendeshedrubling.org Wish you a very happy holidays and prosperous New Year.

Thank You!

With Metta Geshe Jampa Khechok
Spiritual Director Phende Shedrub Ling Buddhist Center

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Tuesday Meditations

Every Tuesday evening at 7 pm, we will come together and sit to do a meditation. Geshe Jampa will lead and give short instructions for the meditation. Topics will be love and compassion meditation, mindfulness meditation, wisdom meditation and silence, sound and breathing meditation.